Privacy Policy

This website and all of its content, images or downloadable material, if any, and other materials available from time to time ("the Site") is the property of and managed by Ellipse Property Group Pty Ltd (ABN 43 637 675 364) and Ellipse Sales Pty Ltd (ABN53 647 554 158), collectively known as Ellipse.

Ellipse will never use any personal details collected from any user for any purpose other than as stated herein, or as otherwise agreed between Ellipse and the user.

Ellipse may collect your personal details in a number of ways, such as if you provide them as part of a mailing list or through other means including enquiries you may make through our website, in person, or directly in response to, or through any advertisement or content produced by us through other mediums, as part of any number of marketing campaigns, open homes, open for inspections and other similar means. It may also collect digital information and metrics such as geographical information, internet protocol information, content browsing history and similar such information.

In all circumstances, Ellipse, unless otherwise expressly agreed between parties, will only use any information obtained for the purpose for which it was obtained, where its purpose has been expressly stated to be limited exclusively for that purpose, or in a manner that can reasonably be expected or anticipated subject to the manner and context in which the information was collected.

Information may be collected through various means, and the use of the information received, may, depending on the nature and intent of the information provided, share it in a manner reasonably anticipated, permitted, required or expected, such as, including, but not limited to: sharing it with finance brokers,real estate agents, leasing or property management agents, or our authorized representatives or agents who carry out services on our behalf, whether in a marketing or other business related context and others connected with a sale, listing, leasing, project management or purchase, or incidental business related matter for their use in such activities being carried out by us or them; to provide email newsletters or other forms of communication, including news, resources and other marketing information, whether through us or through service providers who may communicate such content on our behalf, it may be shared with owners or other stakeholders concerned with a venture for which we are involved in, or project being marketed or managed, or have some interest in; for the purpose of general enquiries and general communication; for the purpose of invitations, or events, market research or other such similar matters as the context justifies, permits or requires, or can reasonably be anticipated and for a number of possible reasons or uses in connection with or incidental to the above.

Ellipse also may use cookies and other such software as part of its marketing campaigns for collection of information, primarily such information is collected for internal data collection purposes, compiling statistics, determining relevance of content, training, website modifications or for any re-marketing campaigns that may be running and the like, but subject to the information received and the context in which it was received, may also be shared more broadly as outlined above.

However, outside of data collected for an express purpose being shared in connection with that express purpose, (where it has been expressly warranted as being only used for that purpose), data and information we collect from you will be used in a manner reasonably expected, required or otherwise implied as part of the manner, purpose and context in which that data was collected, namely for marketing and other general purposes either by us, other agents, or others involved in some aspect of a project or property or venture, relevant to, or similar to, an enquiry or interest expressed by you; and/or otherwise as already outlined, in respect of general or specific marketing related activities.

If you are uncertain about how your data may be used, or you expressly do not wish your data or information to be used in a particular way, please contact us, so that your preferences and/or queries or concerns can be noted and our activities updated as it relates to you.

Ellipse is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and will take all reasonable steps and care to ensure any data collected by it will be stored, protected and not used for any other purpose as otherwise disclosed.